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This tote bag features a montage of my favourite parts of Nottingham. After having lived there for 4 years whilst at University, I really fell in love with the city and it's the vibrant creative and independent scene. This print was originally creates using a technique called collagraph


What is Intaglio Collagraph? It is a cost-effective technique which essentially just requires a scalpel and a sheet of mount-board. You score into mount-board allowing you to be very detailed, you can also peel back the top layer of the board on certain segments that you wish the ink to cling to most.


- 33cm x 33cm tote bag

-Durable, easy to carry shopping bag with a print on both sides

-Super strong 1 inch (2.5cm) wide cotton shoulder strap

-Soft yet durable 100% spun polyester poplin fabric

-Gentle machine wash



The creation of this tote was outsourced to a printing company in the UK

Best of Nottingham Tote Bag

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